Buzzer Eater

Category : Web-Design / Apps


Role: Hackathon Team Lead, Full Stack Developer

Responsibilities: : I was responsible for developing the scoreboard and google map, along with rendering the information on the DOM. It was my first experience with API's and I was tasked with finding and rendering the scoreboard and map. I also used a Node.JS proxy for the backend calls to the APIs along with jQuery and CSS for further development of the application.

Tools and Tech: Javascript, Node.js, jQuery, HTML, CSS, BootStrap, Google Maps API, Google Geocoding API, NBA Data API, Zomato API, Agile Methodologies, Trello

Buzzer Eater is an app for finding a sports bar or restaurant to watch the NBA game tonight and also provides a real-time scoreboard so you can check the score on the way to the bar!

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