List To Table

Category : Web-Design / Apps


Role: Project Lead and Owner, Full Stack Developer

Responsibilities: On the front-end, I was responsible for creating React components for both interfaces, and usage of the Google Places API, and Google Distance Matrix API. On the back-end, I was responisble with the Node.JS proxy server requests and setting up the Twilio text-message service API.

Tools and Tech: React.js, Redux, Node.JS, PHP, MySQL, Materialize, Google Places API, Google Maps Distance Matrix API, Twilio API, Agile Methodologies, Trello

List to Table is a dual interface(client, restaurant) web based application. For the client it utilizes google data to display restaurants around your current location along with its popular time historical data. Clients can also view: stars, distance, and photos. The application allows for remote check in you to hold your spot in line without physically being in the restaurant saving you time. Also on the restaurant side, restaurant owners can check the waitlist for their restaurant and notify clients when tables become available. Our team of 5 wanted to build something useful and solved a problem that many of us had dining at restaurants with long waits. This was our final project at LearningFuze.

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